Soar Beyond.

Imagine an eagle. Soaring high above the trees. Bigger, stronger and flying higher than any other bird in the sky.
Because of its agility and ability to rise above the rest, an eagle has a unique perspective of the world, and hence is able to explore opportunities those closer to the ground will never see, let alone dare to try.In many cultures around the world, an eagle is symbol of power, skill and determination.
At Adam's Apple Entertainment. the eagle is an inspiration for, and a symbol of, everything we do and of who we are.

Adam's Apple Entertainment was established in 2008 under the name Dev Datt Films,changed it's name in Jan 2009 became the present Adam's Apple Entertainment.Run by Naresh .R. Bhoyar (Producer),Vashno Swamiyar (Executive Producer).We have produced a regional Marathi award winning film "Tee"and now producing full fledge Stop-Motion Film.